Veal in Kenosha

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Searching for the best veal in Kenosha? Or maybe you’re looking for any restaurant that serves veal in Kenosha? Well, at Casa Capri you’ll find both! Our chefs serve some of the finest veal in the entire county, and we’d love for you to come in and try some!

Our veal is made in a variety of ways, so no matter how you like it we have it! Whether it’s a classic style or something more innovative, Casa Capri is here to make sure that your dining experience is exactly what you’re looking for. We’re a family-owned restaurant with over 67 years of experience who have provided the residents of Kenosha with excellent dishes since 1954.

Not only will we serve you some of the best veal in Kenosha, but you’ll also enjoy a family atmosphere that welcomes both new faces and old. From regulars to first-timers, we want your dining experience to be one that you’ll remember. Comfortable seating mixed with family and old friends is what we’re built on with dishes that leave people wanting more.

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Veal in Kenosha from Casa Capri!

Whether you’re coming in as someone who was invited, or you’re the one planning a dinner with family and friends, you have to try Casa Capri’s veal. We provide high-quality dishes for any size table! Our veal is accompanied by family atmosphere, and a fun staff.

You’re sure to enjoy your meal at Casa Capri as well as the company you have. Our chefs work hard to create the perfect veal dish, we only use the finest quality of ingredients. 

Our chefs understand our customers desire to enjoy a fine meal and having it paired with a nice glass of wine. That’s why all of our dishes are made to order and cooked with your preference in mind. We look forward to having you at our restaurant and trying one of the tastiest meals you’ve ever had. Come in and enjoy a veal dinner in Kenosha and let our chefs do the cooking for you tonight! Our services will guarantee your satisfaction, so stop in to Casa Capri today!

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