The Best Pizza in Kenosha

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Looking for the best pizza in Kenosha? At Casa Capri, we have been offering the most exceptional pizza in Kenosha for over 50 years. In that time, our pizza recipe has evolved and we are happy to say that many of our customers call our pizza, “Perfecto!

Here at Casa Capri, we are a family-owned restaurant with over 67 years of experience. We have won local awards in Kenosha for our delicious food, and personalized services. Visit our restaurant to enjoy Kenosha’s best pizza in a warm, Italian family atmosphere!

Quality Pizza & Italian Favorites in Kenosha

At Casa Capri, we have a variety of different dishes from all over Italy. Our steaks, seafood, homemade pasta are absolutely mouth-watering delicious. However, nothing can beat our famous pizza! We allow you to personalize topping, crust, anything to make sure you love every slice.

We understand your desire to enjoy a fine meal accompanied by a fine selection of wine. All our dishes are made to order, cooked with your preference in mind. Our authentic Italian dishes and personalized services will guarantee your satisfaction.
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